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Chat Bot Names【2022】Best, Funny & Good Chatbot Names Ideas

This chatbot is on various social media channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram. This creative chatbot name is related to the chatbot’s role. CovidAsha helps people who want to reach out for medical emergencies. In the same way, choosing a creative chatbot name can either relate to their role or serve to add humor to your visitors when they read it. Many advanced AI chatbots will allow customers to connect with live chat agents if customers want their assistance.

chatbot names

People will be attracted to you only when you have something different in you. And when people first hear about your brand, they will first be interested in your brand name. So choose a name for your chatbot that is different from others.

HR Chatbot Names

Your bot is there to help customers, not to confuse or fool them. So, you have to make sure the chatbot is able to respond quickly, and to every type of question. And yes, you should know well how 45.9% of consumers expect bots to provide an immediate response to their query. So, whether you want your bot to be smart, witty, intelligent, or friendly, all will be dependent on the chatbot scripts you write and outline you prepare for the bot. With so many different types of chatbot use cases, the challenge for you would be to know what you want out of it.

What is the name of the chat AI?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and released in November 2022. The ‘Chat’ in the name is a reference to it being a chatbot, and the ‘GPT’ stands for generative pre-trained transformer—a type of large language model (LLM).

Imagine your website visitors land on your website and find a customer service bot to ask their questions about your products or services. If the chatbot doesn’t have a proper name and asks repetitive questions, customers will ask them to redirect their conversation to a human agent thus negating the purpose of your chatbot. This is the reason online business owners prefer chatbots with artificial intelligence technology and creative bot names.

The Guide: How to Choose a Trustworthy Chatbot’s Name

For instance, if your chatbot relates to the science and technology field, you can name it Newton bot or Electron bot. We’re Soocial, a leading branding agency with a passion for creating memorable names and internationally-renowned brands. Since our launch, we’ve worked on more than 1,000 projects for clients around the world.

chatbot names

On the other hand, studies show that when dealing with a male bot, people often perceive it as a problem solver or a decision-maker. This perception intensifies if the user comes from a masculine society where men are perceived to carry such character traits. The second reason is how people of different cultures perceive genders. According to Clifford Nass, a Stanford University professor, the human brain considers female voices friendlier and warmer, making us prefer them over male voices in certain situations. Clover is a very responsible and caring person, making her a great support agent as well as a great friend.

Memorial Day Messages for Your Customers, Coworkers & Community

There’s a whole concept behind why Apple has Siri and Google has Alexa instead of just a simple Apple bot and Google bot. In simple words, Chatbot is a computer software, therefore, naming it serves a very important purpose. It enables your customers to feel more connected and at ease while communicating. Technical terms like a virtual agent and customer support system feel more mechanical and unrelatable.

chatbot names

Despite the fact that ALICE relies on such an old codebase, the bot offers users a remarkably accurate conversational experience. Of course, no bot is perfect, especially one that’s old enough to legally drink in the U.S. if only it had a physical form. Unfortunately, my mom can’t really engage in meaningful conversations anymore, but many chatbot names people suffering with dementia retain much of their conversational abilities as their illness progresses. However, the shame and frustration that many dementia sufferers experience often make routine, everyday talks with even close family members challenging. That’s why Russian technology company Endurance developed its companion chatbot.

How to Name Your Chatbot Business

A chatbot should have a good script to develop the conversation with customers. Online business owners should also make sure that a chatbot’s name should not confuse their customers. If you can relate a chatbot name to a business objective, that is also an effective idea. One of the effective ways is to give your chatbot an interesting name.

Who is a good bot?

Good bots, also known as helpful or valuable bots, are software programs that are designed to perform specific tasks that benefit the user or the organization.

Remember that your bot name should not be more than 3 words. When you find a good name for your bot then always try to find a name that people can easily understand and choose a name that can easily be pronounced. The names can either relate to the latest trend or should sound new and innovative to your website visitors.

Use Personal Names and Phrases

Good names establish an identity, which then contributes to creating meaningful associations. Think about it, we name everything from babies to mountains and even our cars! Giving your bot a name will create a connection between the chatbot and the customer during the one-on-one conversation. Are you in the process of creating a chatbot but struggling to come up with a unique and catchy name?

  • And when people first hear about your brand, they will first be interested in your brand name.
  • The aim of the bot was to not only raise brand awareness for PG Tips tea, but also to raise funds for Red Nose Day through the 1 Million Laughs campaign.
  • When you pick up a few options, take a look if these names are not used among your competitors or are not brand names for some businesses.
  • So choose a name for your chatbot that is different from others.
  • A name can instantly make the chatbot more approachable and more human.
  • He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.

For example, New Jersey City University named the chatbot Jacey, assonant to Jersey. What do people imaging when they think about finance or law firm? In order to stand out from competitors and display your choice of technology, you could play around with interesting names. For example GSM Server created Basky Bot, with a short name from “Basket”. That’s when your chatbot can take additional care and attitude with a Fancy/Chic name. It’s a great way to re-imagine the booking routine for travelers.

Choose Between a Human, Robot, or Symbol Name

A good chatbot name will stick in your customer’s mind and helps to promote your brand at the same time. If you’ve ever had a conversation with Zo at Microsoft, you’re likely to have found the experience engaging. Using a name makes someone (or something) more approachable. Customers having a conversation with a bot want to feel heard. But, they also want to feel comfortable and for many people talking with a bot may feel weird.

chatbot names

Once again it all comes down to the purpose your bots serve. If it largely handles customer service and handles consumers seamlessly. It’s necessary to choose a name that is likely to get connected with customers.

How to name a chatbot?

I’m not sure whether chatting with a bot would help me sleep, but at least it’d stop me from scrolling through the never-ending horrors of my Twitter timeline at 4 a.m. These artificial characters that can converse with users provide a low-cost way for firms to reach out to new clients. While it is ok to name your bot with your brand name, it’s always good to highlight what the bot can do. Your rule-based bot is not just the only place where you would use decision trees. You can leverage the same process to name your bot as well.

  • When leveraging a chatbot for brand communications, it is important to remember that your chatbot name ideally should reflect your brand’s identity.
  • One of the best ideas to come up with an amazing chatbot name is to get some inspiration from celebrities and movie stars.
  • As mentioned above, the name of your chatbot is going to set the tone of the experience for your customer.
  • Are you in the process of creating a chatbot but struggling to come up with a unique and catchy name?
  • Your online shoppers will converse with chatbots like talking with a sales rep and receive an immediate solution to their problems.
  • Oh, and we’ve also gone ahead and put together a list of some uber cool chatbot/ virtual assistant names just in case.

Unfortunately, coming up with creative names is easier said than done. It’s about making people’s jobs easier and creating better customer experiences. Here are a few examples of chatbot names from companies to inspire you while creating your own. As technology advances, more and more businesses are turning to chatbots to improve their sales process. Chatbots can quickly answer customer questions, collect leads, and even close deals.

  • If it is so, then you need your chatbot’s name to give this out as well.
  • For example, in the conversation above, the bot didn’t recognize the reply as a valid response – kind of a bummer if you’re hoping for an immersive experience.
  • An MBA Graduate in marketing and a researcher by disposition, he has a knack for everything related to customer engagement and customer happiness.
  • You can see that Facebook has added more features that help businesses.
  • For instance, a number of healthcare practices use chatbots to disseminate information about key health concerns such as cancers.
  • The bot is still under development, though interested users can reserve access to Roof Ai via the company’s website.